Implement OR Functionality using the parameters in SSRS

Hello everyone, Let us discuss about an interesting topic Report Parameter in SSRS.

Report Parameter – Report parameters allows the user to control the report data, It can be used to connect the related reports together and it can also be used for presentation purposes. To read more about report parameters please refer to the following link more.

Let us discuss about the scenario for filtering the data with the help of report parameters. In order to filter the data we create a dataset and associate the parameter with it. If we have more than one parameter associated with the dataset, by default the data matching both the filter values will be returned i.e. An AND condition will be applied. There might be cases where we need to return the data when either one of the parameter value matches.

There is no direct way of applying the OR condition between the parameters. In the following post Dan explains about the OR Filter logic, please click here to know the details about how to do it. I hope that it helps you.



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