SSIS Equivalent dataype for other database types

Hello everyone, In this article let us see how we can easily find out the SSIS equivalent data types for other databases. Since SSIS is primarily used for Extract, Transform and Load the data from one system to other we need to make sure that data is loaded accurately without any errors/issues. When we pull the data from multiple sources we need to make sure that we identify the equivalent SSIS data type in order to load the data successfully.

Generally what  we do is we check the MSDN to identify the equivalent datatype. Is there any other place in our system where we can check the SSIS datatype?

The answer to this is yes, We have a location where we can identify the equivalent SSIS datatype. Following is the location “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\DTS\MappingFiles”. The path “C:\Program Files(x86)” can vary in your system according to the SQL Server Installation. Other than SSIS equivalent datatypes we can find the datatype mapping xmls between two databases as well.

Let us take one xml file and check the mappings. Let us take the mappings of SQLClient to SSIS. The below image contains the mapping for Int and Small Int data types.

The above location contains number of files which can be used while developing any SSIS packages. Let me know if there is any better way of identifying the equivalent datatypes by leaving the comment.


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