Using SSMS to create/restore split backups

I was going through SQL Server MSDN blogs and found an interesting blog post related to Split file Backups. I thought it is worth sharing it with everyone. This option can be really handy for the SQL developers who work on database projects. Every time we face some issue in production or we want to test our changes with production data we request the operations team to share the production database backup. Since the data in production is huge we will get a huge backup file. it will take more time  to create the backup file and also to copy the backup file from one server to another. There is an option called split file backup using which the opeations team can create multiple backup files and the developers can restore those multiple backup files to create a database using SSMS. It can be really handy because it can reduce the time required to take a backup by creating multiple backup files in different drives and it creates the backup files of more manageable size which can be transferred easily between servers. here is the link to the blog post which contains more information about split file backup and restore


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